“A dream” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This one describes a speaker waking and dreaming state and the brief moments of light and hope he experiences. The speaker begins this piece by introducing a dark dream that he was subject to. This dream, and the emotions he experienced during it, are not unfamiliar to him.

This one is another pretty okay poem from Edgar Allan Poe. 

This one I need to say is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems that sort of hit you hard with its lines. Of course there are few of these lines in this poem. But they count. 

If you are a long time fan of Edgar Allan Poe and you have read several of his poems and short stories Im pretty sure that you will like and enjoy this poem. 

This one is 100% worth reading. But in my humble opinion this one sort of have failed to pack the punch of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s other short stories and poems.

This one is sort of a basic poem, which you will either give it 5 stars or below 3 stars. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

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