“Metzengerstein” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

The story follows the young Frederick, the last of the Metzengerstein family, who carries on a long-standing feud with the Berlifitzing family. Suspected of causing a fire that kills the Berlifitzing family patriarch, Frederick becomes intrigued with a previously unnoticed and untamed horse.

The words in this short story sort of carries sort of a weight that you will find yourself enthralled at their delivery. 

This story has also the ability to grip you and won’t let you until the end of this story.

The writing style was pretty decent but still it wasn’t that good as in some of Edgar Allan Poe’s other work. 

This story might first look as a simple gothic story but you will be surprised because there’s so much more in this story.

The background of this story seems like it was inspirited by the words of an ancient prophecy.

This one is very underrated, it is actually better than much people on internet claim it is. 

This one is packed with the classic elements of Edgar Allan Poe as well as it is packed elements of gothic literature and Victorian ghost stories. Which I personally am a huge fan of. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

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