“Three Sundays in a Week” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

“Three Sundays in a Week” depicts a grumpy Uncle Rumgudgeon who refuses to grant his nephew Bobby permission to marry his daughter and, therefore, inherit a portion of Rumgudgeon’s estate. The uncle, being sly, says he would only offer his blessing when “three Sundays came together in one week.

Need to say that this one was an amazing mental puzzle and super interesting in thought I had some high expectations for this one which it didn’t live up to.

However as the whole story in general I need to say that it was kind of silly and there were times where the story made me laugh.

This one is far from being one of the greatest works by Edgar Allan Poe nor is it super bad as some of Edgar Allan Poe.

The beginning of this story was amazing but the end was kind of the opposite of the beginning.

The writing style however was amazing in this one, which really blow my mind.

The whole story decently have a gothic, sweet and kind of laughable vibe to it. Which isn’t after all so bad mixed as I always thought.

I give this poem 3 / 5

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