“To M. L. S——” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

Edgar Allan Poe wrote this poem to Marie Louise Shew, who helped his  wife Virginia as she was dying. 

Its was pretty okay poem, it wasn’t good but it also wasn’t super bad.

For the most part this one was a sweet, short and quick to read poem.  And pretty much nothing more than that. 

This one is pretty enjoyable quick read which doesn’t give you any knowledge about the person which it was written to.

I personally not sure what this poem is or what it’s trying to convey. 

The writing style in this one was pretty much okay, but still as someone who have read almost every poem and story written by Edgar Allan Poe I know that he can do much better.

This poem is also one of these poems where the more times you read it the more you get confused.

I give this poem 1 / 5 

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