How Do I Buy Stocks Online Without A Broker?

Since online brokers arrived and more and more people got access to Internet in their homes the investing process have become extremely easy for beginners to sign up for and use online brokers. Which means that everyone who has a little bit of money can invest and not leave their homes to do so.

For almost every new investor the online brokerage account will be the easiest way to get into the stock market. Because they provide you with free tolls and webinars which you will find useful. 

Online brokers are great but if you want to start start investing without a broker you can do so. All it takes is more job for you or for someone you hire if you choose so.

Investing without a broker requires to look for companies that offer a direct stock plan, which lets you purchase shares directly from the company for zero fees or some low fees. Doing this may come with the advantage of investing by the dollar amount and not by the by the share. And it often let investors set up recurring investments on a regular cadence.

There is also a second road to take if you want to invest without a broker. And this road is through a dividend reinvestment plan which allows you as a investor to automatically reinvest dividends back into the stock and not by taking the dividends as income and then reinvest it on your own. 

This one is almost like a direct stock plans, but  you will have to seek out the companies that offer these programs. And there aren’t so many companies which offers these programs


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