“The Empty House” by Algernon Blackwood Review

In the story, a man accompanies his adventurous aunt to a notorious house where, a century ago, a servant was murdered by her jealous suitor. What will the man and his aunt experience in this house ? any ideas ? 

To be fully honest with you here i need to tell you that this story have a lot of dry ice packed around that meat for atmosphere but its still fun to read this story. Because it was published back in 1906 and it’s sort of seeing the journey of the modern day horror we have today. 

This story isn’t bad as most of the horror movies / games / books we have today but it isn’t either nothing original for todays standards because it is an average haunted house story.

Atmosphere in this story is a typical horror story atmosphere nothing unique but also nothing boring. The atmosphere good and sort of moody and old timely, and as we all know these two things together brings much more to the story. So I give this story points for the moody and old timely part in this story.

Ending was oh boy. It was very disappointing, it ruined the whole story. If I go into details then it will turn into a review with spoilers and this blog isn’t about this. So let’s move into something different. 

The introduction into this plot and whole story was actually oddly fantastic, wasn’t expecting this but here we are. But still the introduction doesn’t help the whole story that much because we are looking at the whole book / story not just parts of it.

In the end the whole story is a pretty good morning read, where you just have good time and nothing better to do. 

The main things why this story was so bad are 1) too short 2) too little descriptions + details. And thats all. The whole story and plot could have been million times better if the story was longer and events in this story would have been given more descriptions and details. 

The writing style is okay, but nothing to talk about. The writing style is survivable but it will not stick around with you for a long time. And it is far, far away from Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe level. 

I give this story 1 / 5

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