“To” (1833) by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The title of this poem refers to 2 other poems carrying the same name as this one. 

This one is pretty dividend but it’s not like it is one of the top poems from Edgar Allan Poe.

The entire poem has 8 sentences, which means that you can read the entire poem within a minute or so. 

This poem was first attributed to Edgar Allan Poe by a man named John C. French.

This poem, despite its many reprinting it did get, never had any significant revisions.

I’m not the biggest fan of poems so it might be why I give this poem so low rating as I did. But I’m trying to break the ice between me and poems and that’s why I’m trying to read more poems.

The narrator of this poem equates breaking with his love as one of several failures which I personally liked. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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