Why You Should Read “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham

“The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham is the greatest investing books which you will come across, now on days. The langauge is easy, it explains a lots of things for you and you get a little investing history lessons. Together with a lots of tips and adivces for what to look for while doing your research before you invest your money.

There will be some concepts that you will need to google but you will be alright. Because you will learn a lots of stuff which will make you a greater investor than people who didnt read this book.

I need to mention that a huge part of this book about the way of thinking and not about technical details. But sometime espacilly in investing the correct mindset is ALMOST more important than the technical detials.

This book will show you that there is much more into investing than just save up money and then just invest it in a random company of your choose.

This book will show you how important it is to have a strategy when it comes to investing and as a newbie in this field you will gain a lots from it and it will provide you with the opportunity to lose less money if you follow what you read in this book.

This book is pretty long, it has over 600 pages but if you are not willing to read this book and put the time into it. Then you shouldnt go into investing, because investing is one of these fields where you will lose a lots of time and money if you dont have the knowledge, correct mindset, technical tips + advices and a good strategy.

This book is the go-to book for every newbie in the investing field. Because it is very easy to understand, langauge is easy, and it teaches you much more than you can expect.

But dont forget that this book is a book about investing and stock market. Which means that it has a lots of investing terms which may be odd and not understandable for beginners but we have Google so you will be fine.



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