“The Woman in the Room” by Stephen King Review

Narrated from the perspective of a man burdened with deep remorse, pain and his inner demons, the story concerns his decision to euthanize his terminally ill mother with painkillers. 

This story is started with a question which is one of the hardest question in the human history. The question of course is about death, and if it is right to help someone die when they ask you to.

This story is sort of a horror story ish which makes you really think if you could do the same thing which the main character have done. 

It’s important to say that this story is pretty normal when it comes to Stephen King’s work. It circles around the question about if it is right to help someone die when they ask you to.

It’s an effectively sad and depressing story which will stay in your head for a while. This story isn’t long, you can read it within an hour or so. Its short but enjoyable and effective 

The ending was something. Its was strange but kind of interesting. But again people will either love it or hate it. Because it is something you wouldn’t have expected, but again it is a Stephen King story.

It’s a pretty realistic story which doesn’t happen a lot when it comes to Stephen King. And it has the ability to really grip you and make you think. 

The writing style is pretty basic. If you are a hardcore Stephen King fan (like me) you will expect more, and you’ll get disappointed because of it

In the end this story is more sad than scary. And pretty much it is a mediocre story.

I give this story 4 / 5

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