“The Last Wish” By Andrzej Sapkowski Book Review

Geralt the Witcher—revered and hated—is a man whose magic powers, enhanced by long training and a mysterious elixir, have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin. Yet he is no ordinary murderer: his targets are the multifarious monsters and vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent.  But not everything monstrous-looking is evil and not everything fair is good… and in every fairy tale there is a grain of truth.

Its important to mention before we start this review that this book isn’t the first book published in The Witcher series, but this book is the one to start this The Witcher book series with.

This book isn’t a typical novel because it is a collection of 6 short stories which introduces you as a reader to the world in the series and to various characters in the universe which Geralt have or had some kind of relationship with at some point through out the life span of the book series. 

I personally am not a fan of a book which is basically a collection of short stories like this book is. Which may explain why I give this one the rating I give. 

The writing style is pretty okay but there are times where the writing goes down hill for awhile. As well as there are times when the writing style feels like a cross between Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire Series.

I had high expectations for this book because of the bad as games. But unfortunately this book didn’t leave up to my expectations. 

However this book needs to get points for the fun fairytale vibe which it has. But also for the fun way the author have mixed seriousness and humor in this book.

The characters are pretty okay. There are some good characters and there are some annoying characters. Which you can pretty much expect from a book series. 

If you want me to be honest with you then you got to know that this book is more or less a load of dated,  men-centered together with male-gazey nonsense mixed together with dubious logic and no understanding of morality or human nature.

Yeah the book the book didn’t go well with me. 

There were times when you got the vibe that the author mostly had no idea what he is talking about, especially when it came to women being involved.

The world which we get in this book is incredible and I would love to know more about it and get some different stories out of it. But this book really doesn’t use the potential of the characters nor the world. 

I need also give this book points for the cool and different approach to high fantasy which is very distinct from Tolkien books and stories. 

I need to mention that there were some generic epic fantasy issues especially when it comes to mundane sexism. But of course I cant mention them because this is a spoiler free review.

When it comes to the dialogues in this book. The dialogue were pretty uneven kindly said. There were times where the dialogues had probably way too much exposition and varied very wildly in tone to each other.

The whole mythology behind this book was pretty impressing when it comes to all the things which wasn’t so great in this book.

I give this book 3 / 5

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