“The Gentle Vultures” by Isaac Asimov Review

This Science Fiction Short Story is set during the Cold War, postulating an alien race acting as Circling Vultures. Hurrians, an alien species, have set a small Moon base in secret, and have been waiting for fifteen years, much longer than they ever expected.

This book is a science fiction book which happens during cold war. Pretty unique take on it isn’t it? But in the end this book isn’t even close to the best science fiction books out there. Though it is a good one to read to sort of get a new breeze into the science fiction field. 

This book needs to get points for its unique and deeply fascinating critique of society and a peculiar analysis of our history which we had until this book was written. 

And the whole perspective or rather said view in this book on stuff like how small monkey-like aliens from space let one man and how they can change the entire structure their society is based with one word.

In the end this book is a typical science fiction book about intergalactic species which makes contact with humans and analysis the history of our species. 

The writing style was meh, it wasn’t good or bad. It was between good and bad but much closer tot he bad side than to the good side. 

I give this book 1 / 5

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