“The Pit And The Pendulum” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This is a short tale about the horror surrounding impending death after the narrator is sentenced for heresy by his inquisitors during the Spanish Inquisition. The mental break that follows results in confusion that makes the entire scenario even more frightening.

This is a typical gothic horror story written by Edgar Allan Poe. If you love the work of Edgar Allan Poe I’m pretty sure that you will love this story too. 

The main character in this tale is again the narrator like in any other tale / story written by Edgar Allan Poe. In this story the narrator has been condemned by a panel of black robed, white lipped, stern faced judges. The crime which the narrator have committed is unknown, but then this is the Inquisition so his offense could be that he is not a religious enough or he might have been accused of one of the many offences against God that require such a low level of proof. 

The narrator in my opinion needs to get some extra points for his high level of horror is something that is part of his nature.It is difficult to believe, as dire as a circumstance can be, that this is truly our final extinction. 

The whole plot is remarkably interesting, chilling, spooky and suspenseful. It needs to get points for the unique story which it has together with the unique perspective which Edgar Allan Poe used in this book. The perspective which this story has really brings a lot to the plot and surely it gives a unique and fun vibe and mood to it. 

The atmosphere itself, inspires the fear in readers mind and make us as readers think about what we really fear and what we might have done in some situations.

This whole story have only 56 ish pages, which is very small story in the end. But of course Edgar Allan Poe have the ability to make the shortest stories long enough to be good and incredible. This story is long enough to be very dark, interesting, scary and to have gloomy mood to it and horrifying dungeon to it. 

On the outskirts it’s just a Gothic horror tale about a man who is afraid to die. There are dozens stories about this topic now on days. But what makes this story fun is to see how the narrator deals and react to the two horrific situations which had nearly killed him. And how this is messing with his mental state.

I give this story 3 / 5

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