Is Stock Trading For Beginners?

Stocks are brilliant for many beginner investors and all that. However the “trading” part may not be so good or brilliant as stocks for beginner investors. Of course you will find many other websites on the internet with the statements opposite than the one you read here. But let me quickly explain why I say so before you close this page. 

The reason why you are finding the statement which you read above is because this website highly recommend a buy-and-hold strategy of good stocks belonging to even better companies behind them. Examples of good stocks with even better companies behind them are Tesla Motors, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple and Amazon.

Of course investing in stocks requires a lots of research to it which maybe some of you reading might find boring but if you want to do the best investments in stocks as possible always to your research and don’t just only make random guesses on what will happen in the stock market in the long or near future. 

If you are not willing to spend some time researching, then maybe focus on bonds and fonds because they for sure saves you time and are way more stable than individual stocks. 

Investors who focus mainly on stock trading spends a lots of time researching many companies before they invest. But also investors who focus mainly on stock trading try always to time  the market for the opportunity of buying low and selling high. 

Just know that the whole goal of investing is pretty much to buy low and sell high. But the history of stock markets and investing tells us that you are more likely to do that if you hold on to a diversified investment over the long term and not by actively trading stocks. 

The best way to diversify your portfolio and investments are by either buying stocks in many different industries or by buying mutual funds. And the choose between these two are up to you, and how much risk you are willing to take.

The answer to the question which is given in the title is no. Because when you are beginning your journey with investing then you probably have not so much knowledge and experience as someone who have been investing for years or as someone who works at Wall Street. And if you don’t want to lose all your money which you invest then get some knowledge and experience by investing in funds or bunds or long term stock investing before you do some stock trading.


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