“Inkub” by Artur Urbanowicz Review

Two eras. Two stories. One village. One witch. One curse. Imagine you can do anything. Even cheat death. A young district attendant, who soon commits suicide, has a keen interest in the mysteries of the village. The case of his death is being investigated by Vytautas Česnauskis, a policeman of half Lithuanian origin from the municipal headquarters in Suwałki. He discovers that Jodozior’s dark history has its roots in the seventies

This book has around 730 pages, which may scare off some people. Because you will need at least 2 – 3 weeks to finish it. And this size scared me at the beginning and I needed couple of weeks to actually start reading it. But when I began reading it, I read this book in 2 weeks. 

The whole plot of this book felt to me at least really overrated because there are dozens and dozens of books about witches, curses and haunted houses. But Artur Urbanowicz in this books shows us that you can actually write something original, unique and good in the topics which now on days are overrated.

Ive done some research and I found out that this story is based on a true real life legend of a village in the Suwałki County in Poland. The whole legend is very similar to this book when it comes to the basics here. Which are allegedly a witch living in a small village who had create a curse on a village. But let’s go back to the book. 

In this book Artur Urbanowicz really shows that not only Stephen King can write brilliant, scary and creepy books with eerie moods to them. 

This book is written in a similar way to “It” by Stephen King because it involves two different time periods in it. And every chapter goes from 1971 to 2016 and back to 1971. However I personally felt that this was very annoying in “It” by Stephen King because it was too long and a lots of parts could have been edited out, but this book was different then “It” by Stephen King. Everything which is in this book feels like it needs to be there just to see the whole picture of this book which it presents to its readers.

Because of the reason that this book goes back and forth between 1971 and 2016, the reader feels like we are lost somewhere in time. Because of the reason that we see the two stories from two different points in life happening side by side. 

This book (at the time of writing) has not been translated to English or any other language except of polish. But I do hope it will be soon for all fans of the horror genre. Because this book is something which every horror reader and horror fan should read. Because this book shows that a you can get a different perspective on a topic which now on days with all these games, books and tv shows have been over used so many times.

I need to say that it is sort of hard to get into this book for the first couple of chapters but as the story reveals that there might be something more to the infamous village it sort of drags you in and you cant stop reading it.

The writing style itself can be compared with Stephen King. Because this book holds onto you until you finish it, and it really stays in your mind for a long time. The writing style in this book makes you feel like you are a part of the story and like you are following the main characters from 1971 and 2016.

The atmosphere in this book seems like a cross between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. Because you have the witch character which 

sort of gives you the gothic vibe because of the black dress she uses and as well as the demons, ghosts and hallucinations which Stephen King really loves you use in his books.

The ending is a banger. Because it ends with a juicy and big cliffhanger. Which really makes you want that this book would have a sequel to it, but you know after finishing this book that the sequel would ruin the whole fun you had with this book.

For a really long time I personally was waiting to read so good book as this one. Since “outsider” by Stephen King which was in November of 2020, I haven’t read anything that good.

I give this book 5 / 5

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