“The Bells” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

This incantatory poem examines bell sounds as symbols of four milestones of human experience—childhood, youth, maturity, and death.

This another okay poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is far as epic as some other work of Edgar Allan Poe but still it is a poem which every Edgar Allan Poe fan should read. 

This poem in the end is quite melodical and the beat truly nearly sounds like tolling bells.

The writing style is okay for the most part. But it is also very clever writing style in this poem. But on this one come on, we are talking about a poem which was written about Edgar Allan Poe.

For the most part it is a nice, simple  poem that follows the stages of life of the narrator. This poem needs to get points for the unique capture which Edgar Allan Poe have give us in this poem. Edgar Allan Poe had captured in a very good and nice way the feeling of the stages of life in just four simple verses.

This poem really doesn’t fail to show that Edgar Allan Poe isn’t just a gothic, dark and sinister writer. This poem shows that Edgar Allan Poe was able to write some light and different kind of tales and poems. 

In this one Edgar Allan Poe have molded his words to reflect the bells. And gave this poem a rhyme, rhythm together with joy, grief, elation and panic.

I give this poem 1 / 5

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