“The Man of the Crowd” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

After an unnamed illness, the unnamed narrator sits in an unnamed coffee shop in London. Fascinated by the crowd outside the window, he considers how isolated people think they are, despite “the very denseness of the company around”. He takes time to categorize the different types of people he sees. As evening falls, the narrator focuses on “a decrepit old man, some sixty-five or seventy years of age”, whose face has a peculiar idiosyncrasy, and whose body “was short in stature, very thin, and apparently very feeble” wearing filthy, ragged clothes of a “beautiful texture”.

This story isn’t as scary as most stories and tales written by Edgar Allan Poe. This story is interesting and fascinating. This story explores  the various ways we can be present in the world and experience the people and life around us. Which is very interesting topic for at least me. 

This story really makes you want to stop for a moment and observe whenever you see a big crowd. For someone people this tale may open eyes, because it touches on stuff like how much we are actually isolated and alone in the biggest crowds. But also how big crowds doesn’t have any connectedness with other people.

You will easily find a meaning behind this tale if you only look. Because the idea behind the plot goes actually deeper than just a gothic horror story. 

The narrator in this story carries with him a depth of separation and loneliness. Until he finds an unusual face amongst the crowd of supposed pretenders and hypocrites. This sort of gives you a stalker vibe which we all love when it happens in horror stories.

This story does a brilliant classification of characters and is especially fascinated by an old haunted man who aimlessly strolls through the street, always looking for people to be with.

In the end this story is somehow odd and weird. But this may be just a paranoia made by too many horror and thriller books and movies. Though this story involves the narrator following a person for 2 straight days and at the same time it gives us some descriptions about demeanor, gait and body morphology but doesn’t give us the important details in it.

This story is very enjoyable, interesting and it is a very quick read. Even though this tale isn’t written in the typical Edgar Allan Poe’s style. Which of course is dark, scary gothic style. 

The writing style is just through the roof. It is so richly written, and the old english in this story really brings a lot more to the story than you cant expect. 

I give this story 4 / 5

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