“Morella” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The tale is about the odd relations between a husband and wife. While offering few details, Edgar Allan Poe paints a morbid portrait of identity, death, and marriage.

At the beginning of this tale we are learning about how much the narrator adores his wife Morella. After sometime it turns into a philosophy part. 

This tale is a sad love story with a lot of gothic horror elements.

The story telling this tale was too basic in the end, it almost didn’t feel like the author of this tale was Edgar Allan Poe. But of course this tale needs to get its point for the chilling vibe to it.

However the topic of someone death haunting the main character which in this case is the narrator is pretty much overused. Even Edgar Allan Poe have multiple stories about the same topic, so you get super bored of it when you read about the same thing over and over again. This tale have the potential to be unique if Edgar Allan Poe had taken a different turn to it or written it somehow different. 

This story have the dark vibe to it, but it is for the most part boring. And if you looking for something good written by Edgar Allan Poe dont read this tale. Yes this book has the classic takes of Edgar Allan Poe, but it is far from his best work. 

The writing style is too simple, it almost looks like that while writing this tale Edgar Allan Poe was bored our of his mind or something similar. But of course if you love dark love stories with our happy endings you will enjoy this tale. 

I give this tale 2 / 5

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