Gina Carano Getting Canceled

So the cancel culture come after Gina Carano last month. She got fired from her role as Cara Dune in the The Mandalorian.

The reason why Disney+ canceled Gina Carano is because have conservative political views. She made some tweets about Donald Trump back in 2020 or January 2021. Disney+ got pissed off because of the tweets she made.

On November 14th 2020 she tweeted “democratic government leaders now recommend we wear blindfolds along with masks so we really can’t see what’s going on”. To be fully clear that isn’t something cancellable or even controversial. Something cancellable or controversial would be if she tweeted something offensive about democrats which she didn’t. 

On November 5th 2020 she tweeted about protecting the system and ourselves against voter fraud with things like voter ID, filming counting and fleshing fake votes. That tweet wasn’t neither cancellable or controversial. 

If we look closely onto Lucasfilm we will find out that they said that they wanted to cancel Gina Carano back in November 2020 for these kinds of posts. But these kinds of posts aren’t something cancellable or controversial. This only looks like Lucasfilm had something of vendetta against her being a Trump supporter and her having conservative political views. But again everyone has the rights to vote for however they want and everyone has the rights to have whatever political view as they want. 

I need to agree that some of her posts were edgy but not that edgy to cancel her and fire here from her job in The Mandalorian.

The final straw which made Disney+ and Lucasfilm cancel her was her post on instagram. That post was of a jewish woman running away from nazi soldiers and she wrote “Jews were beaten in streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors even by children. Because history is edited most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews the government first made their own neighbors hare them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

That instagram post wasn’t her making fun of the holocaust. I understand that a lots of people don’t like holocaust comparisons. But this post wasn’t fireable offense or even close to being it. That post was just her saying that political neighbors should treat other neighbors decently because if you don’t treat your political neighbors with decently you can be roped into doing things which are evil and bad. That post wasn’t wrong or offensive or cancellable or controversial. But I agree that she could have use other comparisons than the holocaust comparisons.

Another point here is that if holocaust comparisons are bad than hundreds of other celebrities should be canceled as well. One example to this would be another star from The Mandalorian, no other than Pedro Pascal. 

Pedro Pascal is a leftist on politics and he has also expressed support for transgender people. All this makes him very popular and all that. But he had tweeted on June 20th 2018 “#thisisamerica” together with a two pictures. The picture on the top was of Germany in 1944 with a bunch of Jewish children standing behind barbed wire in a concentration camp. And the picture below that was of a modern day picture of bunch of kids in cages. The problem with that is that he forgot that USA are housing and making sure those kids (from the second picture) are okay. USA today isn’t gassing anyone to death as nazi soldiers did in 1944. These kids by the way from the second picture were kept separate from their parents in accordance with the the Flores settlement by the way so my question here is how is it as the holocaust ?  

So if Gina Carano is getting canceled for her holocaust comparison than Pedro Pascal should too. I personally think that Pedro Pascal’s tweet was more edgier than Gina Carano’s tweet was.

When Disney+ decided to fire and cancel Gina Carano for her holocaust comparison than they should also fire and cancel Pedro Pascal for his holocaust comparison from 2018. However that’s the clue in this one. Pedro Pascal is on the left side of politics but Gina Carano is on the right side. But still everyone should be treated equally from these big companies. 

This is very indicative of where we are in the culture and it isn’t great. Sure I get that social movements have consequences but you can’t expel half of the population just because that they are on the right side of the politics. 

By the way who got ever denigrated based on cultural and religious identity ? Yes Gina Carano made tweets about being republican today is like being Jews in WW2 time. But how is that denigrating ? Is saying that you shouldn’t treating people the way Nazi soldiers treated jews somehow denigrating Jews in some way or another? In that Instagram post she said that what happen to Jews during WW2 is bad. 

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