What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture is basically easily explained is the culture of people wanting your ass getting fired because they don’t like your social media posts or because they don’t agree with your opinions you write on social media.

The cancel culture shouldn’t exists because everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on everything but cancel culture is real no matter how much some people want to convince you that it aren’t. 

There are millions and millions of people in the entire world who are afraid to put anything on their social media because they are afraid of getting canceled. Thats the sad reality we all live in, and it will take a lot to even change the cancel culture even a little bit. 

Sometimes the cancel culture comes for people who wrote posts which aren’t extraordinary horrific sometimes these post are a little bit edgy and nothing more than this. And sometimes there will be people who write something similar to each other but only one of them will get canceled because of their political views which is totally unfair. And the one to blame for this is the infamous “Iron triangle”.

The iron triangle is the relationship between democratic party, media and corporations.

The whole iron triangle goes something like democrats and media agreeing on virtually everything. Media push the agenda which democrats make. Media and democrats put pressure on large corporations (like Hollywood or the music industry) to do their biddings to foster that agenda all this of course unofficially. This makes corporations put down a specific viewpoint on you and then cancel you if you don’t follow that specific viewpoint.

We have the free speech right to say what we want, but if our opinions are something different than the specific viewpoint which democrats and media puts out then we will most likely get canceled and loss our jobs. This means that if you’re opinions and viewpoints are different from what democrats have you will either get canceled if you speak them or don’t speak them. Which is of course the abuse of the free speech right which every one of us have. 

It’s fucked up, but that’s what democrats are doing for years now. But that’s what happens if a specific group of people have too much power for too long. 

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