“Ms Found in a Bottle” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The plot follows an unnamed narrator at sea who finds himself in a series of harrowing circumstances. As he nears his own disastrous death while his ship drives ever southward, he writes an “MS.”, or manuscript, telling of his adventures which he casts into the sea.

Edgar Allan Poe starts this tale with by making it very clear that the narrator in this tale has no imagination. He also points out that narrator stable, rational together with little bit boring. 

This tale is typical Edgar Allan Poe tale, which is more or less a little bit different because the action involves sea and it takes a cool and unique take to it.

This tale makes you question if the narrator in this one goes crazy or if all this is real. I think that all likes a little bit thinking about stuff like that in books.

The plot its fun to read and for the most importantly it is a quick read. But it is also dense and complex. This story is more similar to Jules Verne work than to Edgar Allan Poe work. So if you are just starting your journey with Edgar Allan Poe then go for some other work. Because this tale would work better if you have read one or two stories written by Edgar Allan Poe but it wont be bad if you start here. The plot here is filled with gloomy, supernatural horror. But it has an oddly beautiful and captivating take to it, which Edgar Allan Poe is known for doing in some of his work.

The character development here is very good. Because we can see the clear changing process of the narrator as the tale goes on. It is important to say that the narrator shares the fate of the crew, their “destiny,” though he never really felt part of it.

This tale is however not a horror tale but rather a psychological tales of consternation. It makes you question things. 

The plot more or less is a sea adventure with a psychological take on it. But this tale gets the extra points for the way Edgar Allan Poe describes the ocean. 

The writing style is very gothic and moody which every horror and thriller fan will appreciate. 

I give this tale 2 / 5

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