“The Reploids” by Stephen King Review

A mysterious man named Edward Paladin shows up in place of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, but all is not what it seems. A subsequent investigation by detectives Richard Cheyney and Pete Jacoby finds strange items in his possession, hinting that he may not be from our reality.

To be honest this story might be the most gruesome Stephen King story ever. There is a lots of rapes and weird stuff. Which may be very triggering for some readers. So be warned about these parts of these stories.

This story have a lots of compelling elements kindly said, and the whole police investigation which takes place in this story is very strange and confusing.

To be fully honest with everyone this story feels like nothing but a rough first draft. I’m not trashing the whole story, Stephen King or anyone else here. I’m just saying what impressions this story gave me. 

There are some parts of this story which is hard to understand, and there were a lots of parts where i need to google stuff which was in this story. 

The ending itself is bad, like really bad. The whole story feels like it is ending in mid story and it feels like it should be more to it than it actually was.

The whole story is sort of too graphic when at least comes to me and my opinion.

I give this story 2 / 5

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