“One for the Road” by Stephen King Review

One for the Road follows two aging Mainers, Booth and Herb “Tookey” Tooklander, as they attempted to rescue the family of a motorist whose vehicle had become stranded in a ferocious blizzard.

This story is somehow related to “Salem’s Lot”, and as you might not know “Salem’s Lot” is one of my favorite horror books. 

This whole story takes place 2 years after the events of “Salem’s Lot”. This story shows that Salem’s Lot only seems to be deserted but it is not. And as the locals know, a person does not travel through the “Salem’s Lot.”

This story is around 30 pages long, and it proves that short stories can be as good as the full length novels. 

I need to make a huge disclaimer about this story, which is read “Salem’s lot” before you read this one. Because if you don’t then you will have no idea what is going on and why is things happening in this story. And it will definitely ruin the story for you if you don’t know the whole idea and plot of  “Salem’s lot”.

“Salem’s lot” is terrific and this short story isn’t far behind the main novel. Which doesn’t happen a lot with work related to each other but being done years and years apart from each other.

The atmosphere really reminds of “Salem’s lot”, and this means that the atmosphere is brilliant it is at least for me. Cuz I read “Salem’s lot” when I was still in grade school so “Salem’s lot” have sort of a nostalgia element in my life. However the reason why I give this story so low rating is because it could have been longer and be a sequel to “Salem’s lot” than rather just a short story which is related to “Salem’s lot”.

The writing style is very good as you can expect from Stephen King. 

Characters in this short story are pretty good, they are of course making some stupid decisions but this happens in every book, short story and movie / series. So I give them a pass on this one. There aren’t a lots of characters in this one but these ones who we have are pretty good and decent. 

I give this short story 3 / 5

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