“Bon-Bon” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The whole story follows Pierre Bon-Bon, who believes himself a profound philosopher, and his encounter with the Devil.

This story is one of the best comic stories written by Edgar Allan Poe. Its important to mention that this story are featuring a verbal interchange between the Devil and a restaurateur who is the main character named Pierre Bon-Bon renowned for his omelets who also believes himself a profound philosopher.

One of the parts of this story is that it satirizes a whole list of classical philosophers including Plato and Aristotle, all of which the Devil has claimed to have eaten their souls.

This story is quite far from the typical and good stories written Edgar Allan Poe, which means that some people might not like it. 

The main character which of course is Pierre Bon-Bon is somehow interesting. Pierre Bon-Bon is equal parts carnal and intellectual. 

The descriptions and details in this story are pretty good. They are so good that they might freak you out because of how good they are. 

This concept of this story is interesting, however Edgar Allan Poe writing style makes it almost interminable to get through. This story really shows that Edgar Allan Poe has a tendency to ramble throughout his writing, needlessly prolonging the dull parts, which in turn leaves hardly any time for the more entertaining aspects within the book.

However this story doesn’t fail to turn the expression “food for thoughts” into “thoughts for food”. However the whole story is another  Edgar Allan Poe story where the Devil makes a grand appearance. 

The narratorial voice was excellent. The plot was comical, which was the intent. But these things are the basic things which makes a story / book good. We need much more to give a story / book 5 stars or even 4. 

I give this story 3 / 5

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