“Strawberry Spring” by Stephen King Review

An article in the newspaper causes the narrator to recall a time when he was in college and several students were killed. It was a strawberry spring, a false spring, that brought cool weather and fog at night. The first night of fog ended when a young man tripped over the body of a co-ed.

It’s important to say that this short story isn’t a typical Stephen King story where there is monsters running around and chasing kids. This story is a mystery thriller story about a killer who strikes only when it’s foggy outside during the “Strawberry Spring”.

The whole plot story is pretty good, however the whole idea of a killer who kills people during a special time which in this case is the “Strawberry Spring” isn’t that unique now on days but since this story was published in 1978, it needs to get its points for sort of being unique. 

The ending is probably the best part of this whole story, because it comes with a twist and it sort of makes this whole story so much better than it was. But of course this review is spoiler free. 

The twist at the ending was that great but most of you wont probably see it coming. So there will be a little surprise at the end for some people. 

The whole atmosphere in this story is spooky, moody and it will give you chills. And the descriptions in this story which make it even better than expected. But still story is far as good as the huge novels written by Stephen King as “IT” or “The Shinning”.

Some of these descriptions which Stephen King gives us in this story sort of gives you the vibe of Edgar Allan Poe or H. P. Lovecraft. Because these descriptions in this story have some gothic elements to it which makes you feel that it was written many years before it was actually written. 

It’s important to say that this story isn’t a horror story is more a thriller story. Because it isn’t scary enough to be a horror story but definitely it has some mass hysteria, suspecting each other, and searching for the killer elements which makes this story to a thriller story.

However this story could have been much better if it was a novel than a short story. But again it is personal thing which people will disagree on so it’s up to you on this one. 

I give this story 2 / 5

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