Super Bowl 55

Its Super Bowl and the location is Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. And the Chiefs are going against Buccaneers.

This one actually surprised me, because when the Super Bowl was closer and closer I was expecting Saints to one of the teams playing today. But actually Buccaneers and Chiefs are here. Im not a Super Bowl expert or a NFL expert but I need to say that Buccaneers have had an amazing season in 2020. They got two amazing “new” players which of course are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski all the way from Boston. This made me sad because I’m a huge Patriots fan and I hated to see them leaving the team, but if this choose to change teams makes them happy then it is all that matters. Im still a huge fan of both of them and I’m still supporting them so don’t take me the wrong way.

This post is of course published before the match, so it is just my thoughts and speculation on how it will go. But I think that Buccaneers will win but it won’t surprise me so much if Chiefs win because they are also a good team with a lot of talent players. But if I would bet my cash on one of these two teams I would go with Buccaneers as the winner of today. 

Some weeks ago I wasn’t expecting to see Chiefs or Buccaneers today. And this expectation was far after it was clear that Patriots wouldn’t be a part of today. I was actually expecting to see either Ravens or Saints as one of the teams here today. But after Buccaneers won over Saints it sort of went clear for me that Saints ain’t going even close to be here today. 

Before we end this I just want to wish all the luck to both teams, and say that I’m waiting for a good match in just couple of hours.

Thanks for your time and thank you for being here 

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