“The Morning After I Killed Myself” by Anne Katheryn Hawley Review

Last night I killed myself. Coz I thought that killing myself would put an end to my pain’ Don’t we realize the value of the things we have AFTER we’ve lost them? Isn’t it human tendency? That’s exactly what has happened with Myra. At 16, Myra’s life is a complete mess. She hasn’t got the chance to breathe properly from the time she turned 12, and now she has no hopes left.She kills herself. Now. She’s dead. But. She wants to live. It’s after this realization that she sits down to write her story: her last realization: ‘THE MORNING AFTER I KILLED MYSELF’.

When you look at the whole meaning behind this poem then you will see the beauty of it especially when you are like me and you like / love poems and books who deals with suicidal thoughts. But when you look at the poem itself without analysing it you will see that the potential of this poem wasn’t used. 

This poem is deeply representative of the intimate nature our lives have in the environment and life around us. So it needs to get points for that, but still it is far away from making this poem to a good piece of work. 

However this poem also needs to get its points for the way the speaker selflessly relates to them showed a wise and poignant look at how much she was, herself, the shining beacon in all of that glory.

The deeper meaning of this poem as I said above somewhere, is brilliant. Because it makes you think that maybe i should still fight when you are dealing with suicidal thoughts. And when you are not dealing with suicidal thoughts this poem really brings you in the thought process of someone who might be dealing with suicidal thoughts or deep depression. 

However there are parts in this poem where it might provoke a negative response from some readers. But again it goes to individuals and their perspectives and their opinions about literature and poems.

But whats really good with this poem is that focuses on particulars and at the small pieces and moments in our day to day life which we don’t appreciate until they are gone.  And it is also important to mention here that this poem isn’t trying to explain universal love or beauty or truth.

The writing itself could be much better than it actually was in this poem, because there are times where the writing was super poor and it seemed like it was writing by a high school student who was trying to pass the class for the semester. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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