“The Lake” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The lake is a poem. The Poem about a haunted lake somewhere in the world.

Another amazing poem writing by no other than Edgar Allan Poe. You might think that it is a single poem about lake but nothing is so simple with Edgar Allan Poe. This poem is about the celebration of loneliness and thoughts inspired by a lake.

The writing style is very 1800 ish. It is less gothic than other work of Edgar Allan Poe, but still it is somehow gothic.

You can read this poem in 5 minutes. It is very simple and quick read. But this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. 

This story keep you hooked to it. However this poem isn’t something I would recommend for you, if you are beginning your adventure with Edgar Allan Poe. 

This is a small sad poem about a sad lonely person. And nothing more than this. So if you want to read a poem about sadness and death in a lake then pick this poem up. 

However the loneliness and sombre atmospheres in this poem may be comforting to some people who are like me.

I give this 5 / 5

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