“Ligeia” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The story follows an unnamed narrator and his wife Ligeia, a beautiful and intelligent raven-haired woman. She falls ill, composes “The Conqueror Worm”, and quotes lines attributed to Joseph Glanvill shortly before dying

Lady Ligeia which this story is about gothic woman’s image in this tale.

The ending is for the most part unexacting and enjoyable. Isn’t that why people love Edgar Allan Poe’s work?

The whole story is definitely creepy and interesting. However the point of this story might be hard to understand for some people. The basic premise of this story is the narrator’s relationship with Ligeia, his wife, to the grave and beyond.

The tone to this story is very gothic and very Edgar Allan Poe style. Which makes this story to a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale. But in the end this story is very similar to other Edgar Allan Poe’s work, which doesn’t make this story to something remarkable.

Some people will have hard time with this tale because they will feel that this tale is the same tale told in another perspective. Because this tale have all the main topics which some other Edgar Allan Poe’s work has. These topics are death of a beautiful woman, monomania, drug and narrator wondering if falling in love with another woman is right or wrong.

This tale is another story about a man descanting into madness because of his love have died. 

The writing style is of course very gothic, moody and amazing. As we all can expect from Edgar Allan Poe.

I give this tale 2 / 5

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