“The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

“The Fall of the House of Usher” recounts the terrible events that befall the last remaining members of the once-illustrious Usher clan before it is — quite literally — rent asunder. With amazing economy, Poe plunges the reader into a state of deliciously agonizing suspense. It’s a must-read for fans of the golden era of horror writing.

The whole tale is written in a very gothic and moody style, which a horror fan will enjoy. 

Characters, there are very few of them. There are only 5 characters if you count the narrator. Every character have something unique to it, and they are pretty much written in different perspectives which gives us a unique vibe to every character. 

This story predates the modern psychology that eventually is able to put a name to those illnesses which the main characters suffer from. Of course back then people knew very little about various illnesses and mental health which makes this story even more interesting.

Edgar Allan Poe takes us through the darkest corners of the human mind in this tale. Which we need to give him points for, because there are a lot of horrors / thrillers authors now on days who are failing to do so. However if you read other works of Edgar Allan Poe in the past you will have no problem with getting  in and getting out of this tale. Because it is written in the typical Edgar Allan Poe style. 

This tale is very good at showing the reader that our imaginations can always conjure up worse horrors than those we can actually see.

This story is at some point very unique because it is all about This short story the last days of two survivors of a prestigious family, which we don’t read a lot about in books. Of course it is fiction but it doesn’t make it less interesting or less realistic in your head while you are reading this tale. 

There is a huge dark atmosphere to this tale, and it is very clear to see that this tale is one of the best works by Edgar Allan Poe. 

This tale might be hard for someone people to get into, because it starts a little bit confusing, and you sort of don’t know what’s happening at the beginning. 

This tale can be read in one short sitting, which is amazing. Especially when you are struggling to focus on reading for some reason. 

Another thing which may be a little bit of topic is that this tale is perfect to read while quarantine. Because the story of this book focuses on a man who has been in isolation for an extended period of time and is deteriorating into madness. Which is always better to read about when you need to be in quarantine or isolated. 

There are some good and deep gothic elements in this tale. Which for the most part are a haunted  house, a mysterious illness, madness, death, entombment, a dungeon, a violent storm, a cursed family, resurrection and much more. There are a lot of elects in this tale which somehow Edgar Allan Poe puts together in a perfect way, where everything makes sense. 

I give this book 4 / 5

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