“Hop Frog” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

94Hop-Frog and his friend Trippetta have been captured by one of the king’s generals and brought back to the King as servants. Hop-Frog serves as jester to the king and Trippetta helps to plan and decorate for social events. She is also forced to dance for the king and his court. Both Hop-Frog and Trippetta are dwarves. The King and his ministers enjoy laughing at and abusing Hop-Frog. Even his name is the result of their making fun of the way he walks. When the abuse becomes unbearable, Hop-Frog devises and carries out an ingenious but horrific plan of revenge upon the King and his ministers.

This is a very short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. This is sort of a horror / fiction short story, which for the most part is like survivable. Of course it can’t be compared with “raven” by Edgar Allan Poe but  after all this was a pretty decent revenge story.

This short story was one of the lesser known story written by Edgar Allan Poe. And whole story can be wrap up with only 3 words which are “Revenge, retribution and dark”.

It was a pretty unique story about a dwarf.  However the narrator of this story wasn’t named, and it wasn’t said what relation the narrator had to this story. I personally like to know what relation to the story the person who narrates the story have. There are a point in the story where you will think that the narrator was actually the dwarf himself.

I mean this book wasn’t that great, so that I could talk for 2 hours about it but nether it wasn’t so bad that I would put horse shit on it.

There are few characters in this story. Which for the record is fine as long as the characters are good.

I give this book 2 / 5

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