“A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success” by Maye Musk Book Review

When Maye Musk decided to make gray hair glamorous, she became an international supermodel and worldwide speaker in her sixties – a far cry from the young divorcée living in Durban trying to make ends meet to provide for her three children. Things have not always been easy for the mother of South African-born entrepreneur Elon Musk. She struggled emotionally and financially as a single mother to Elon, Kimbal and Tosca, battled weight issues and had to restart her life and her practice as a dietician in numerous cities over and again. In her compelling memoir, Maye shares hard-earned wisdom and frank, practical advice on careers, health, adventure, and more.

This book is a biography book, but this book would be better under the category of advice book or self-help book. This book is sort of a mix between memoir book and a self-help book. So it is kind of hard to pin it down to a specific genre or field.Because Maye Musk gives us succinct and practical advice from her life so that we may avoid some situation which she been through. 

Maybe Musk shows us that she have been through some shit in her life and she is trying in this book to show us that there are always a solution to every bad situation we get into. She are showing us in this book that there are always we can do in a negative point we get into to make it out of it and make our lives to some kind of better. 

By telling us all the shit she been through, Maye is trying to show us that we need to open out eyes fast and trying everything we can to get out of it. 

This book might be a little bit over hyped but it doesn’t make it to a good book which many woman might enjoy.

This book begins with Maye Musk introducing us to her current day career which she haves and her opinion about aging which a lot of people are afraid of. Then the book goes to a brief summery of her life and what she been through in both a abuse marriage and in her career. She also gives us a lot of advices on that we can’t accept negative situation and make them to our day to day life.

We also get in this book a brief summery on how she was raised by her parents and how she raised her own kids which of course are Tosca, Kimbal and Elon Musk. She describes in this book her approach to parenting, instilling autonomy and allowing them to pursue their own interests. She tells us how she raised her kids in an abuse marriage and how she was trying to make things work.

She is telling us how she get out of some very dark points in her life and how she was capable of move to new countries and new cities.

She is telling us how many times she was rejected in different fields but it didn’t never stop her to trying to get what she wants. 

Chapters in this book are very short, every chapter isn’t longer than 10 pages. Which makes it very fun and quick read if you looking for something which you may read in one or two sittings. There are also several pictures in this book which makes the chapters even shorter.

The writing style is pretty okay, it almost seems like the writing style was chosen specifically for people who are learning English. Because the language is very basic and everyone who is learning English will be able to understand. The writing style feels like she is talking to you or like you are listening to a very chill podcast.

The plot is great. It is a little bit different than other biographies / autobiographies out there. Because she is only giving us the brief summery of her life and career. And she isn’t going deep into her life experience and everything which she was doing. 

This book would be great for you if you are looking for a short read or if you want to get to know Maye Musk in a brief summary without worrying if the thing you are reading on wikipedia is bull shit or not. 

There is something missing in this book. The thing which the book is missing is that Maye Musk could have explained more her life and not just give us a brief summary of everything. 

There were times where this book was more or less like “42 years of age this happened, 45 years of age that happened, 69 years of age cover girl etc”. There were times where this book felt like she was listing everything which she have achieved throughout the years. 

However this book is aiming at showing woman that they are worth more than they think they are. But also showing woman that they need to take care of themselves and not care about what some toxic people have to say about them. She is showing us in this book that our health is much more important than some of us may think and that we need to take care of our health everyday. 

Maye Musk is showing us in this book that not everything is glamorous in your personal life or in your career life. She also doesn’t fail to show us that woman shouldn’t beg man to be in their life. Maye Musk is showing us that woman shouldn’t be with a person who isn’t treating them good enough and give them the respect they need. 

I give this book 3 / 5

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