“Rescued By Ghosts: A True Inspirational Survivor Story of Child Abuse, Bullying, a Radical Ultra-Fundamentalist Religion, Ghosts, and Supernatural Events” by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. Book Review

Why was the ghost pointing at a chair in the church? Most people never escape religions with cultish control because the brainwashing is virtually impossible to break so how did these ghosts rescue him from this control? This church had many cult elements and produced Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, plus Jonestown, Guyana cult leader & mass murderer Jim Jones and controlled thousands of people with fear. Why was the tiny child required to warn bullies three times? Written in story form to inspire you, make you laugh, cry, and think.

This book came out on August 2nd 2020, and there isn’t a lot of people who read this book. I personally don’t know why because it is actually a good and fun read. This is sort of giving me personally the “Educated: A Memoir” by Tara Westover vibe.

This book is super realistic in the way how organizations / religions / cults like Peoples Temple brainwash their members and how they isolate their members from people outside of the cult / religion. This book was also amazing at showing the abuse which takes place at home which a lot of children go through. 

The whole plot of this book is interesting, sad, inspiring and captivating. However if you are like me (which means that you’re not into any religion and basically you think that every religion is more or less BS) you will find it hard to relate to this book because of the religions undertone to it. But I think that you will at least enjoy the process of character growth which the main character have in this book. 

Characters in this book are very different from each other, but there are times when it feels like every character are just there to make the life of the main character miserable and depressing. The main character is very relatable because everyone or most of the people felt sadness, depression, etc at some point in their life. 

The fact that this book is a nonfiction and a Memoir book, makes this whole story more relatable. There are a lot of parts in this book where you will feel sad for the author and be angry at his mother for the way she have treated him.

I need to also point out that the author shows uncommon and huge bravery in the way of getting out of the cult but also in the way of sharing his story with the world. 

The writing style is good for the most part but it could have been better at some points during in this book. For the most part the writing style was decadent and good. 

I give this book 3 / 5

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