Federal government and their use of money, no matter who’s in power

No matter if you like to hear this or not. The federal government spends most of their money in three fields no matter a democrat or republican is in the office. They spend around 76 % of their cash on Social Security, Medicare, and the military account no matter who is the president. 

These three fields are so big that it would be strange to not use a large piece of the federal government cash on them. The amount which the federal government use of these three things every year has pretty much remained unchanged throughout the years. No matter what political party is in charge. 

Most Americans have no idea where their taxes go to as well as they might not know about the vague idea that they’re spent on expensive public works projects, given away, or frittered away through corruption.

The part about no matter who wins the election is so important. Because these three fields in USA (at least) are mandatory entitlements and pretty much everyone uses no matter if they work in these three fields or if they are regular civilians using them.

Most of your taxes and your money in general goes back to the government in one form or another. No matter if you want it or not your taxes in more or less 70 % are used on Social Security, Medicare, and / or on the military. And the rest which is a very small amount goes tp pay for everything else government does.

This brings us to a big problem. Entitlement costs are rising faster than tax income, for one, leading many to insist that some kind of entitlements reform is needed before that system becomes insolvent.

For the most part the military is unbelievable expensive and all that cash is more or less meant / geared towards fighting a massive and conventional threat. But this is less relevant today at least.  

The biggest problem with this is that no one talks about any of this and that many Americans don’t know that. Most of Americans are rather interested in looking for someone to blame for the national debt or budget deficits. The lost point here is that the discretionary budget has almost nothing to do with why we have such a national debt to begin with, or what’s really driving it.

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