The U.S. economy is huge and impossibly complex

The full economy which USA have is a little over $17 trillion dollars. And every year it is growing by around 2%, which is quit much if you ask me. This huge economy which USA have, together with that growing speed is more or less a huge accomplishment which a country can have. There are no other country which have an economy which is even comparable. The most European economies isn’t growing at all at this point. The economy of Japan is stagnant and Brazil is going down in economy. However the Chines economy is grow at a fast pace.

The whole economy of USA is so complex that no one truly understand it, not even Warren Buffett. Because there are a lot of factors playing in the economy. The factors comes from all around so it is also hard to keep a track of all of them at the same time. The American economy has mostly pivoted away from manufacturing and towards services.  But still it is way too big, way too fast moving, too complex and it involves a lot of factors in it, to even being close to understand it. 

The American economy constantly changes, for this to happen it takes a lot of skills which are very different from each other and it also takes flourishing in some regions more than others. 

Many of the low-skill manufacturing jobs is not coming back and the lower-cost countries is inevitable

And in the end it will continue no matter what the government and the people influencing it does or not do.

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