“Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen Review

98Ghosts is the story of Helen Alving, a widow who is haunted by the many mistresses of her deceased husband and by her son who has inherited syphilis from his philandering father. Ghosts is a scathing indictment of Victorian society in which Ibsen refutes the notion that if one simply fulfills one’s duty rather than following one’s desires then a good and noble life will be achieved. Scandalous in its day for its frank discussion of venereal disease and marriage infidelity, Ghosts remains to this day an intense psychological drama and sharp social criticism.

Another play written by Henrik Ibsen, which is over 130 years old.

First of all the characters in this one are shit. They are super flat and for the most part they are hard to tell them apart. None of them are unique but they are all boring as fuck. I personally feel like Oswald is the most likeable character in this whole play. Yes he is the typical rich white kid but still there is something to him.

The plot itself was okay. It isn’t something to talk about, it is simply something you read and just forget about it. The whole plot felt like it was something a person would tell on their deathbed.

Drama is a big part of this play. This drama for the most part is involving the main character which is haunted by the lovers which her husband had

This whole play might have been something big and good back in the day but it isn’t that today. Because there are a lot of stereotypes like women should be at home and clean the house and men should be in town and work..

I give this book 1 / 5

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