“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

A murderer is convinced that the loud beating of his victim’s heart will give him away to the police.

Another incredible tale written by no other than Edgar Allan Poe.

It is more or less a perfect haunting short story that will allow you to examine madness and wickedness at the depths of the human soul. I wouldn’t call this tale a horror story, because it is more a psychological tale.

It is a strange story, but it is an easy and good read. And no less it is a quick tale, which again can be read in just 1-2 hours.

This tale is a written from the first-person storytelling. And the writing style is almost too perfect to be true.

The story itself is intense and will make you ponder for a long time. The whole tale is a typical Edgar Allan Poe tale.

An unnamed narrator who is telling this story plots to kill an elderly man because he hates his horrible and scary “vulture eye” makes this story unique at least .

More or less this tale is a dark tale, which is about a man’s descent into madness.


I give this tale 3,5 / 5

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