"Greenlights" by Matthew McConaughey Review

91Biography book written by Academy Award® winning actor. This book is an unconventional memoir filled with raucous stories, outlaw wisdom, and lessons learned the hard way about living with greater satisfaction.

Alright, alright, alright. That’s what I’m talking about. This book very easily wins every rank in this blog. The fact that this book is a bestseller at New York Times (at the time of writing), really proves that this book is more than an good book.

This book deserves the hype which it got, and it is an MASTERPEICE. All these high expectations which you might have for this book are worth it, because this book is amazing. And no Matthew McConaughey didn’t pay me for say this, but I would love to interview him for this blog and talk about his book.

The storytelling which Matthew McConaughey give us in this book is brilliante. And these memorable stories from his life are something you will not forget so easily. I personally thing that his stories and the whole book will stay in my head for couple years at least.

Not only can Matthew McConaughey act but he can also write and he is a fantastic author and storyteller. And his passion makes it even more fun and enjoyable to read. And all these things together made me don’t want to end this book.

This whole book was so fucking engaging and brilliant to read that I couldn’t stop reading it. When I personally tok a break from this book I couldn’t stop thinking about this book. Which really shows how incredible Matthew McConaughey is at writing and storytelling.

The whole book felt like setting down with Matthew McConaughey, over a glass of whisky or bourbon or whatever you drink and listen to him telling you his whole life story. This book wasn’t a borden to reading about someones life story but rather as a motivational book.

This entire book was motivating, funny, well written, smooth as porcelain and something coming from the heart. This book shows that not only is Matthew McConaughey a great actor but also that he have some high writing and story telling skills which most author don’t have.

The quality of this book is surprising, because it is much better than you can expect. This whole book isn’t just 300 pages with words which you will forget in one month like a lot of biographies are. This book does also involve pictures, poetry and letters written by Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey dives deep into his life and himself to find the answer he were looking for throughout his life. And he brings these answers and questions in a form of a book.

If you are into biographies and you enjoy reading them just as I do, then this book is a MUST READ, no matter if you like, love or hate him. This book isn’t only about him. This book is also about people, different cultures, the Experiences in life and find your path in life.

This book is more or less may open your eyes on some stuff. because it involves death, strangling with your identity and how to find deal with “red lights”, “yellow lights “ and “green lights”.

I give this book 10 / 5

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