" Jedna na milion" by Katarzyna Pawluś Review

94“No request is too bold, no need is too great. Hope for a miracle is never absurd. Katarzyna Pawluś, experienced by fate, pampered by God, sets a task for us to measure up to our strength. He writes about miracles, making dreams come true and love in a very difficult time, when he is ill and fights for his life. A little humorous, a bit reflective, but always with unwavering faith in man – in his good and wisdom, with the message “You are a miracle!”.

So another biography. which probably shouldn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong I like to read biographies because you can always learn something but this one was just to bad.

This woman have a rare and unexplored illness which doesn’t make her life to a Disney story. But this book more or less fails to show that.

This book is basically a collection of blog posts made into a book. Which is more or less and bad idea.

It is up to you if you want to pay for this book which is basically bunch of blogs posts put together into a book. And by the way, these blog posts which are in this book are available on her blog for free.

This book overall feels like it has no end, because you know who wants to read blog posts for couple of hours.

I give this book 1,5 / 5

2 thoughts on “" Jedna na milion" by Katarzyna Pawluś Review

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