«Mów Własnym Glosem» by Regina Brett Review

95Speak With Your Voice is 50 engaging lessons about the power of words – not silence; about the fact that even if the truth is difficult to face, only in this way will we become free. How to exercise courage? How to face everyday life in spite of our fears and fears? And finally – how to share your story so that it is inspiration and hope?

So this is another self-help books, the thing with self-help books is that you either love the book you just read or you completely hate it.

It is a quick read, and you will really read it in just 3-4 days. The text in this book are pretty big and the chapters are pretty small.

Every chapter is a different “lesson”, and every “lesson” isn’t longer than 5 ish sides. However none of these “lessons” are really lessons, they are pretty much stories from the author’s life. Which will not change anything in your own life.  And a lot of these so-called “lessons” were (in my opinion) targeting a special groups of people. Well come on we are in 2020 not in 1920.

This book have a lots of good reviews, but truly this book doesn’t deserve all these good reviews.  There were parts in this book that made me feel like the author wanted to squeeze every dollar from people who are buying this book.

If you watched some interviews with the author of this book. You will quickly see that what she writes in this book is the opposite of what she is saying in these interviews.site things which she say in some interviews which I had watched. She is also roasting herself a lot in this book which is probably something  you shouldn’t do in a book at least.

In the end these so-called “lessons” doesn’t learn you anything. And the entire book book feels like reading a blogger who is trying to be a journalist way too hard. And its probably too long because most of these “lessons” could have been one sentence long or 1 page long.

And how can you name random stories from the author’s life “life lessons” ? thats the big questions with this book. Another thing here is that bringing in every lesson religon is bad idea. Because thats why too much religion.

   I give this book 1 / 5

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