“Christine” by Stephen King Review

Arnie, a nerdy high school student, and his friend Dennis notice a dilapidated 1958 Plymouth Fury being sold by an elderly man with a back brace, Roland D. LeBay, who named the car “Christine”. Despite Dennis’ reservations, Arnie buys Christine for $250. While Arnie finishes the paperwork, Dennis sits inside Christine and has a vision of the car and the surroundings as they existed when the car was new, 20 years earlier. Frightened, Dennis decides he dislikes Christine. Arnie brings Christine to a do-it-yourself garage run by Will Darnell, suspected of using the garage as a front for illicit operations. As Arnie restores the car, he stops wearing his glasses and his acne clears up, but he also becomes withdrawn, humorless and cynical. When LeBay dies, Dennis meets his younger brother, George, who reveals LeBay’s history of anger and violent behavior. George reveals that LeBay’s young daughter choked to death on a hamburger in the back seat of the car and that LeBay’s wife subsequently committed suicide in its front seat by carbon monoxide poisoning. And as the book goes on Dennis notices that the 1958 Plymouth Fury may be possessed by supernatural forces. Can you goes how it will end and how many people the car will bring to dead?

The first book review on this blog and it is already a big book, written by a big author. Before we start this review I need to say that I have sort of a weird relationship with books written by Stephen King. When I picked this book up to read it. My first thoughts about it was basically that this book will be about an evil version of Lightning Mcqueen, but of course nothing is so simple with books written by Stephen King.

When I was starting this book I was sure that I will not like this book. But after around 50 pages into this book, I began to fall more and more in love with this book. Now around 2 months after finishing this book I think that it is one of the best books written by Stephen King. This book was more or less the 5th book written by Stephen King. Because 2020 was and still is the year where I really got into books and all that. But enough about me and lets go back to the book review.

This book is one of the Stephen King classics and it is defiantly a MUST READ for any horror fan. In this book we have few characters which are incredible described and written.

The character development is very clear in this book. This book have 4 main characters which are Arnie Cunningham, Dennis Guilder, Leigh Cabot and of course Christine aka the car. All these 4 main characters are different from each other and very likable at least in my opinion. We have some side characters which are pretty much parents of these 3 teenagers, some school teachers, a detective, owner of a so-called garage, some dudes who bullies Arnie at school, the guy who sold Arnie the car and his brother. And we don’t have anyone else in this book. If you are the person who likes strong and very good described and written characters in a book you should probably give this book a shoot. It is very easy to see who is the bad guy in this book and who is the good guy. But these characters aren’t all bad and all good. Because the bad guys in this book does some good things and the good guys does some bad things. So they aren’t all bad or all good. Every character in this book (expect of one) are more or less a mix between good and bad.

I’m super glad that this book avoids the “high school drama”. Because the main characters (expect of the car) are in the high school. It was a relief that Stephen King didn’t bother to use like 50 pages on a school drama between characters. However there are some conflicts between Arnie, Dennis and some school bullies. But mostly these conflicts don’t last more than 3-4 pages. Everything which the characters does in this book felt realistic and pretty much logical.

Writing style of this book is brilliant. It almost feels like every word in this book was specially chosen by Stephen King to fit in this book. The writing style makes it really easy to get into this book and like it.

This book changes perspectives as it goes on. And I completely love that because we see stuff from point of views of multiple characters and because of that we get more stuff explained. The perspective we get the most of in this book is the point of view which Dennis have.

This book provides the slow process of Arnie being more and more obsessed with Christine. And how Christine changes him. The whole process doesn’t happen over night but rather throughout this whole book.

The ending is impressively good. In most books the endings sucks and lucky for us this books isn’t one of these books. The ending more realistic than I have expected. And the ending don’t disappoint us. Don’t expect the ending to be happy, it is rather a harsh realistic needing or at least it was for me. However it could have been used more on telling us what happened with people in this town after all these events which had happened.

This book aren’t trying to sell us some super human bull shit like “I broke my leg but I can still run”. And if you want some “Superman” type of characters pick a different book because this book doesn’t have this kind of characters.

Characters in this book can be described as rather a team work people. This book was sort of missing the aspect of explaining about Christine. Sort of why and how is Christine the way it is. And why does Christine act like it does If we go quickly back and talk about Dennis and Arnie. I need to point out that there are couple of times in this book where I felt like in the end Dennis and Arnie wasn’t best friends. But rather that Dennis was obligated to look over Arnie and take care of him when his parents or any adults were around. Because there are times where Dennis is described as the cool football player and Arnie is described as the shy nerdy guy. And whenever Arnie is bullied or trash talked by others Dennis jumps into the picture to save the day.    

                   This book gets 4 / 5

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